My name is Arlon Bennett and I use the muse, my voice and a hollow wooden box with strings to assemble and deliver timeless songs that evoke a little Harry Chapin and maybe some vintage James Taylor. I have evolved from there to become all of *me*; writing songs with an eloquence, honesty, and wry sense of humor. I just love to communicate with music by creating songs from the sounds of life.
Speaking of life, mine changed a bit recently with a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, but honestly it just makes me want to sing louder (no, that is not a symptom!). In fact, I started a healing project called (surprise!) The Healing Project to keep the music going to help me heal from this 'thing'. Maybe it will help you heal from your 'thing'? In any case, I have learned to never underestimate the power of music!


A song is worth a thousand explanations, so listen to some free full-song streams to the right or under Music! above. Be sure to listen to a few because just when you think you got me pegged, I turn the pegboard upside down.  So... take a look around! Maybe there is some overlap between my music and what your soul is hungry for.


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Momma's Maxim
 My Italian mother (La Mamma) is a cosmopolitan woman of grace and character who hails from Italy via Eritrea (Africa), bakes a mean lasagna, and cooks with wine (not always in the food!). Her maxims of wisdom whether created by her or adopted from others, are always on the mark. My current favorite...

                  "Chi va piano, va sano e' lontano"

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My NEW CD World of Possibility is officially here! Have a listen above, or under Music! in the menu above.

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The video of my award-winning song "Be the Change."

Video produced by Thomas Florek

This is the video to my song ”Be the Change” from the CD Summer’s Voice. Enjoy! I have had the pleasure of doing this song in classrooms, coffeehouses, folk festivals, and major political campaigns.

This song began in a conversation with a friend back in ‘02 or so, just as I was trying to figure out the next life-stage for me. A change was in order from a nice job in information technology, to something a bit more.. life defining? As I imagined having a family one day, I knew I could not teach my children to ‘go for it’ without going for it myself. So, I handed in a resignation, and jumped into the very cold lake of unemployment and.. freedom. This song became much bigger than my story, and I am glad that it did. Enjoy!

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