Some Career Highlights...
The song '7 Days' (from 'The Watch Man' CD) used in the movie 'Handsome Harry' starring Steve Buscemi, Aidan Quinn,
     Campbell Scott. Directed by Bette Gordon.
 Lyrics to 'The Ace in Grace' used in Arthur Ashe statue dedication in Richmond, VA.
The song 'Summer's Voice' (from 'Summer's Voice CD') used by the NY Mets to honor Hall of Fame broadcaster, Bob Murphy.
 Winner, Rose Garden Songwriting Competition.
 'Summer's Voice' CD picked as a Top-ten record of the year by Hal Selzer of Aquarian Weekly (2007).

 'Be the Change' is the #9 most played song on roots radio (Folk-DJ's) in America (2007).

  2-time Music2Life finalist and showcase artist. Selected by Noel Stookey ('Paul' of Peter, Paul, & Mary) and his
       Public Domain Foundation (

 Opened a presidential campaign fundraiser featuring Crosby, Stills & Nash and Bruce Hornsby.

 Selected formal showcase artist at 2005 SW Regional Folk Alliance conference.

 Finalist at the prestigeous Kerrville 'New Folk' Performing Songwriter contest.
 Dad gives me an old guitar he had.
 Led 'Clementine' at Camp Wakpominee.

 My song '7 Days' (from 'The Watch Man' CD) used in the 
'Handsome Harry' starring Steve Buscemi, Aidan Quinn, 
     and Campbell Scott. Directed by Bette Gordon.
Me and Bette Gordon, director of 'Handsome Harry' at the
 Tribeca FIlm Festival.
 Lyrics to 'The Ace in Grace' used in Arthur Ashe statue

Listen to "The Ace in Grace"

My story about the “Ace in Grace”…
When I was 14, my transformation to adolescence was complete when I traded my New York Mets cap and my baseball glove for a tennis racquet and wristbands. I would hit balls every day against someone or some wall (I preferred the wall since it was easier to size up my opponent!) Though I still have yet to beat that wall, I remember the impulse to go play the game was greatest after watching a professional tennis player named Arthur Ashe on TV.. Yes, I admired his serve and volley game but there was something different about him. I loved the way he approached the game - his winning attitude even when he lost a match. There was something really gracious about him in victory and defeat. To a young boy growing up in Long Island, his lessons about life and overcoming great obstacles eventually overshadowed my admiration for his serve and volleys. I followed his life from athlete to activist to author while he dealt with heart attacks and the AIDS that eventually would take him. He was an example - MY example of how to carry yourself in this life. When I wrote “The Ace in Grace”, it was meant to be my personal tribute to a man who never knew what he was to me. It was truly a highlight of my life when the Virginia Heroes, the mentoring organization that Arthur had founded, asked to use my lyrics to “The Ace in Grace” as part of the ceremony program when they raised a statue in his honor in his hometown of Richmond Virginia on July 10, 1996. Thank You Arthur!
True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic.
It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost,
but rather the urge to serve others at whatever price.
~~ Arthur Ashe ~~

The statue of Arthur Ashe on Monument Avenue in
Richmond Virginia. Other monuments on Monument Avenue
include Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson… Ironic indeed!
'Summer's Voice' (from 'Summer's Voice CD') used by the 
Mets to honor Hall of Fame broadcaster, Bob Murphy.

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