Arlon Bennett..

...Husband, Daddy, Songmaker, Writer, Hop-a-long Daddy, Met fan, and oh yeah... Parkinson's Warrior.  I am also a voracious dreamer and conjure-upper.  It was the great Sports Illustrated writer and author George Plimpton, who told me "You must write first.." SO, I finally bulldozed a field of excuses and started where I was with what I had.  It worked for countless others, why not me? One thing for CERTAIN; I did not want to ever ponder the "if" in life.

And so I went at it, gravitating to doing the biggest thing ever to astonish a mother-law.. I pulled out my old Takamine guitar and started writing songs! - yes, songs that stunk! BUT, I "always take down" (never give up!) when I make up my heart; eventually opening for such notable acts as Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), Lesley Gore, Tom Paxton, and many other performing artists. I was totally HUMBLED when Noel 'Paul' Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary) twice selected me to perform in his Music-to-Life showcase at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, featuring America's best songs of social consciousness.  My first "little victory" though, was for my song "The Ace in Grace" to appear at the raising of the ARTHUR ASHE statue in Richmond Virginia in '96.  How often do you get a chance to give something back to a personal hero?  The music biz can be a hard proving ground, but I try to keep it in perspective and balanced with SERVICE.  In that way, I can NOT get disappointed.  When has music not been part of ANY movement or event, personal or otherwise? 

Then in 2010, a couple of years after the release of my 3rd CD "Summer's Voice", a persistently RUDE houseguest moved in with me and  my family. Going by the name of "Parkinson's Dis-ease" (yes, "Dis-ease"), it would not move out under any circumstances despite my best (ongoing..) efforts.  You have probably heard of it, having been made globally aware by Michael J. Fox, and a slew of "PD Warriors" like myself, who follow his lead to bring awareness and fight against this very understated DASTARDLY neurological condition.  Like most artists with an obstacle, I just kept going as best I could, putting out my fourth CD aptly named "WORLD OF POSSIBILITY" (2013).  The title track has made in-roads around the world reminding us that we do live in such a WORLD where ALL things ARE possible!   God does work in some VERY mysterious ways indeed.

I created The Healing Project to prove that music could indeed help heal and inspire myself and OTHERS so challenged with ANY dis-ease.  I figure, everybody is healing from something!  I was blessed to have pros like producer extraordinaire, JOHN SONNTAG on guitar; GORDON ROEHRER on bass guitar; RT MILLER on the Cajon, along with myself fronting the group on vocals.  My guitar had taken a hiatus, but has made a resurgence lately, so I'll ride that wave unless folks start holding their ears again.  My LATEST release; The Healing Project Vol. 1, is a five-song (plus a bonus track!) electronic release, and my first under "The Healing Project" moniker. GO listen!  It will be like visiting an old friend.  Check it out at any online music service -OR- right here at (under Music!).  The Healing Project, Vol. 2 is not far around the corner.  Sign up on the mailing list and I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for listening in,

Arlon Bennett

June, 2022






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